Turnout High As Osun Holds Lg Polls &Ndash; Nigeria Politics Online

Voters in Osun, South West Nigerians have gone to the polls today to elect new officials at the local government areas and local development development areas.

However, only 71 out of the 319 wards of the state are where elections will take place as the State Independent Electoral Commission has declared that candidates in all other wards have withdrawn from the exercise leaving the fields for the candidates of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The leading opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party did not file nominations for the exercise.

Most of the elections are taking place in Ife area of the state where the Accord Party has fielded some candidates.

The Federal Roads Safety Commission announced on Saturday that travelers should use alternative routes because of the restrictions to movement that is in force in across the state.

The PDP said it has no faith in the exercise while the APC said the PDP is afraid of defeat.

Voters trooped out as early 8am to cast their votes.

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