Student Drags School Management To Court Over Expulsion

An expelled student of Covenant University, Ogun State has dragged the institution to court challenging his expulsion from the institution for watching pornographic material and listening to secular music on his laptop.
The student, Vwamhi Longji Felix, who was a 400-Level student in the school’s Communications Technology department, stated that his parents had spent not less than N10 million on his school fees and other expenses.
Felix was made to face the school’s disciplinary committee and subsequently expelled on the 23rd of November, 2012.
Segun Fatoki, who represented Felix claimed his client was not given a fair hearing  before he was expelled and the act contravened Section 44 of Chapter 4 of the institution’s student handbook.
However, in a counter-affidavit from the defendant, the school stated that students are not allowed to publicly display or be in possession of pornographic films or photographs, exploring or viewing pornographic websites on the internet.
The counter-affidavit went on to state that instructions in the school handbook is clearly again the possession of unholy films and home video or circular music tapes, either stored or directly in the computer or listen through the use of computer radio or any other electronic device when on campus during an academic session.
The presiding judge, Justice Mobolaji Ojo of Ogun State High Court reportedly said, “A youth must live like a youth and an adolescent must live like an adolescent. If all of the traits of a youth are not allowed to be exhibited at the right time, it would be done at the wrong time.”
The case was later adjourned to March 23, 2013 to be revisited.

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