Nasarawa Begins Clear Out On Open Defecation &Ndash; Nigeria Politics Online

Nasarawa State Ministry of Health in collaboration with other agencies has commenced a crackdown on open defecation in the state.

According to the Director of Public Health in the Ministry of Health of the state, Mr Ibrahim Alhassan, said on Tuesdaythat the ministry would sanction any resident caught engaging in open defecation.

He also said that the ministry would be more proactive in enforcing the law in order to promote personnel and environmental hygiene while preventing outbreak of diseases.

The director, who said that open defecation exposes people to diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever, added.

He said, “We are making efforts with the Department of Environmental Service to first of all create awareness among people on why they should refrain from open defecation.

“The sensitisation would be more in rural communities because we discovered that most people in rural areas are ignorant of the health implication of their actions.

“Based on the records before us, it was discovered that most houses in the village were built without toilet facilities because to the people in the villages, defecation in the bush is a normal thing.’’

He called on all house owners to ensure that there was provision for toilet facilities in order to complement the government’s efforts in ending open defecation.

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