Insurgency: Why Attacks Persist- Defence Chief

The Chief of Defence Staff Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim today said the major challenge
facing the military in the fight against insurgency in the troubled northern Nigeria was
inadequate intelligence.
He made the statement following the renewed attacks by the dreaded Boko Haram sect in
the last one week.
At the weekend killed over 40 villagers in Borno state in two separate attacks and twelve
others at a beer parlor in Kano state on Monday. These attacks are happening in spite the
presence of hundreds of security forces in the affected states.
Ola disclosed this during the graduation lecture of course 21 participants of the National
Defence College Abuja on ‘military leadership.’ He said with poor service knowledge,
non-adherence to regimentation and inadequate intelligence, military commanders won’t
address major leadership challenges facing them.
“Tackling the menace of Boko Haram has become a concern to military commanders due
to inadequate intelligence. They require adequate strategies to overcome the challenges”,
he said.
He also decried the self centred attitude of military leadership in most countries saying the
consequences could be catastrophic. “Some put personal interest above service interest
and when this is done in accordance with laid down rules many stand to benefit but if it is
done in a wrong way, only few benefit; this can cause damage.”
The chief also said military leaders must tolerate the views of their subordinates. “No
leader will rise above the collective interest of the group he presides over. If you see one;
you are celebrating anarchy.”
Commandant of the College, Rear Admiral Thomas Lokoson said “if Africa is make
meaningful progress in the face” of the present challenges, “it will require strong,
consistent leadership and effective institutions and programs.”
Defence minister Erelu Olusola Obada said the attacks in the North-East region will soon

be end adding that normalcy had return in many parts.

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