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Nigeria’s foremost renewable energy researcher and promoter, Prince Timothy Okedele has faulted Federal Government’s recent decision to adopt nuclear technology in its bid to surmount the hindering energy crisis rocking the nation.

Okedele who condemned the act while addressing press recently in Lagos, described it as dangerous; particularly as it would no longer be fashionable even in western crimes where it has existed for some decades now.

According to Okedele who is also the managing Director /CEO, Prince AdeS Oke International ventures and representative cum sole consultant to renewable energy firms, “the embrace of this technology will sooner or later turn Nigeria into a dumping site of destructive residues which emanate from this kind of dangerous plant.

He argued that since an inventor nation as Germany as commence processes to shut down the rest of their nation’s nuclear plants following that nation’s research based discoveries warranting the need for plants elimination, it would be suicidal for Nigeria to consciously delve in this obvious calamity.

Okedele said that arguments by the proponents of the initiative notwithstanding, it would not be the best thing to happen to Nigeria particularly as we are yet face myriad of socio-economic cum political problems such as terrorism, vandalism treasury looting among others.

He stressed that,” Nuclear power in Germany accounted for 17.7% of national electricity supply in 2011, compared to 22.4% in 2010. And German nuclear power began with research reactors in online in 1969. It however has been high on the political agenda in recent decades, with continuing debates about when the technology should be phased out. It received renewed attention due to the political impact of the Russia-Belarus energy dispute and the fukushima1 nuclear accidents.

“The plan included the immediate permanent closure of six nuclear power plants that had been temporarily shut down for testing in March 2011, and two more that have been offline a few years with technical problems. The remaining nine plants will be shut down between now and 2022”.

Okedele hinted that as of October 30, 2015, the Japan Times ‘reported that Tokyo Electric power Company (TEPCO) has detected high level Radiation at 9.4 Sieverts outside Reactor containment Vessel #2. This amount of radiation is absolutely deadly to any one exposed for any length of time – You are dead within I hour with this level of exposure, This latest development has scuttled TEPCO’s plans to decommission what’s left of that exploded reactor because no one can be near enough to it to disassemble the wreckage.

In order to futher expose the disadvantage of the nuclear technology, Okedele pointed to the monimental disaster which resulted from Rissia’s Mayak Nuclear site which over many years negatively impacted the heath of well over 450,000 people, poluted waters and impaired vegitation.

Okedele also listed other technology sources and enumerated their advantages and disadvantages.

Okedele however in view of the above advised the FG to adopt renewable energy of solar which is the new direction of the nations that have utilized the nuclear source and are jettisoning it.

He further revealed that Japan is presently exploring deeper and safer into the solar technology by preparing to deploy a space – based solar power collector by 2030.

Okedele said the idea is a future projection that will be achieved by launching an array of mirrors into geostationary orbit to collect solar energy and then transmit to a power plant on the ground via microwaves or laser beams. This he said will ensure a continuous source of high power renewable energy.

Expressing greater worry why the Government ever considered this trend, said the truth is that the world scientists cannot at the moment guarantee the total safety and security of the land water under the nuclear plant regime.

Okedele cited problems such as – no convincing solution yet for disposal of residues/remediation, Low societal acceptance, dangerous and risky operation and capital intensiveness, as same of critical problems of the nuclear plant.

He noted that though the nuclear power plant is known for high energy density without green house gases emissions and Few Recourse limitations, it cannot compare to the safe, efficient newly invented (Green) “EX5” solar Quantum physics energy generator (nuclear replacement plant) which only needs a solar panel for 8seconds. This is the necessary time, for the quantum chamber absorbs solar energy and start a quantum generation process, which is simply converted to electrical energy on demand.

Boasting about the capacity of his team to generate 9,600 megawatts patriotically for Nigeria just within 2 years.

Okedele referred to the nuclear replacement plant of his team as a fantastic and efficient energy system (power plant) ever invented.

He further said the energy system has no radiations; has zero installation risk; does no damage to the land and citizens, has zero maintenance along 30 years; requires only 1,033,600 square meters for the 9,600 megawatts which also carries a 29,0000 job opportunities.

He said though critics doubt the possibility of this administration to generate 10,000 megawatts in 3 years,

Okedele who is also the Co-founder “LateePot Alternative Power Ltd” assured that if the federal govt. will grant his firm the necessary executive attention, generating well over 9,600 megawatts, working on technologies and training to create actions for job/productivity and actualize renewable energy in Nigeria is something just too feasible and that sooner Nigerians will begin to enjoy all other benefits that constant energy can brings to a nation.

However, Okedele promised to Marshall all his foreign allies from Russia, Singapore, India, China, Brazil, South Korea, Vietnam, Italy and USA to help this administration to attain its promises to the people of Nigeria who are yearning for a new life if only accorded the opportunity.

“Nigeria government at all level must be willing to accommodate views that are of great relevance in our quest to look inward solving our energy and other challenges, not necessary from so called technocrats but from all patriotic Nigerians who have vibrant ideas and ready to move this country forward”.

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