Egyptian Authorities Arrest Muslim Brotherhood Leader

In a move to tame the sustained protests by Pro- Morsi supporters despite the

declaration of State of Emergency in the country, Egyptian authorities today

arrested the Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Mohammed Badie who is believed

to have coordinated the protests that have led to the death of thousands of people.

Authorities accused him and other leaders of the group of inciting deadly violence

outside the group’s headquarters in sine June following the deposed President

Mohammed Morsi by the military.

Badie is expected to go on trial August 25 along with other Brotherhood leaders.

This is the latest crackdown on the group following the military’s ouster of president

Mohamed Morsi. The authorities in the last few weeks had killed thousands of Pro-

Morsi supported who were insisting on the re-instatement of the ousted president

The 70-year-old Badie was taken into custody early this morning in a neighborhood

of eastern Cairo where for weeks pro-Morsi protesters rallied against Egypt’s new

interim government.

Since the July 3 move, the official death toll for violence across Egypt has topped

1,000 people. The Muslim Brotherhood says many more people have died.

The International Community condemned the actions of the military in Egypt, United

States and other western countries also threatened to suspend diplomatic ties they

have with the troubled country.

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