I Won’t Relegate Women to ‘Other Room,’ in My Govt, Says Atiku

… Promises more than 35% Women Inclusion

Ahead of the February 16, 2019 presidential election, the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, has promised more than 35 percent of women in his government if voted to power.

This is as he also assured the that women would not be relegated to the ‘other room’ in his government.

The former Vice President gave the assurance Friday in Abuja at the PDP Women Conference with the theme “Call for Action.”

He also urged the Nigerian women to use their numerical strength and push for those policies that would bring good governance.

According to him, failure to push for those policies  will bring untold hardship to families.

He stated, “We have no fear of handing over the country to you. In my three decades of politics, the most consistent voters in the Nigeria political process are women. I have practically seen it, when we use to vote on queues not through ballot papers, if I stand as a candidate and I turn my back to look at the lines that are supporting me, the women lines are always three times (longer than) that of the men.”

“You are not going to be in the other room I promise you. You have seen my wives here, they are not in the other room,  they are in the front.”

“Therefore, it is the reason why we said we are going to give you more than 35 per cent, because your numbers and your pattern of voting justified that commitment.

“Therefore between youth and women you have 70 per cent of the government. This is to prepare you to take over governance, to take over this country and make it work again.

“So, this is your opportunity, your are not going to be put in the other room, I promise you because you have seen my wives here, they are not in the other room,” he added.

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